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Physical Therapy Specialists, PC was founded in December 1977, in a small office in Clawson, Michigan with Dr. Paul Roubal as the sole therapist. Because of the office's strong emphasis on high quality care, and the good results reported by patients, the practice grew steadily to its present level.

At Physical Therapy Specialists, we are dedicated to the highest quality patient care available. The use of the most effective procedures and equipment by specialists, who fortify their background with advanced training and education, leads to excellent and appropriate patient care. We have more orthopedic board certified specialists in our location than any other single location in the Midwest. Our clinic utilizes newly developed procedures for testing and evaluation, as well as for treatment. Each piece of equipment used for your treatment will be explained as to its purpose and effects. In addition, we train both undergraduate and graduate physical therapists from campuses at Oakland University, Wayne State University and University of Michigan Flint.

A major emphasis of our practice is on home program development and modification. We feel that you, as the patient, play a large role in your rehabilitation, and your consistency in following-through with this program will greatly improve the effectiveness of our treatment and the speed of your recovery. Our goal is not to keep you coming to physical therapy permanently, but to help you reach your maximum potential, and to teach you how to stay at that level on your own.

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New Services at PTS

PearlBrite Professional Teeth Whitening

Brighten your teeth up to 10 shade in only 15-20 minutes!

Physical Therapy Specialists is excited to offer you a new unique service to help you look as good as you feel - Using PearlBrite's revolutionary whitening procedure that combines light technology with a patented formula to provide incredible results, we can now offer similar results as dental and over the counter equivalents, but in a fraction of the cost and time.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Developed in 1991 out of a need for quality pre and post rehabilitation care for patients treated at Physical Therapy Specialists, our Colonic Hyrdrotherapy can be used as an alternative modality to help alleviate health concerns such as headaches, fatigue, obesity, allergies, asthma, acne, candida overgrowth, body odor, gas, bloating, and of course, constipation.

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Professional Fitness Membership

Our expanded fitness center was opened in December of 1992 as a separate service from physical therapy.

Throughout your membership, your personalized fitness program will be monitored and modified at regular intervals by a Fitness Consultant. In our fitness program, you will have the opportunity to consult with our staff physical therapists, who will be available should a problem arise.

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