Custom foot orthotics: devices which attempt to correct biomechanical foot and ankle problems. They may also aid in the correction of other lower extremity biomechanical issues related to knees, hips, back, etc.

Combining working principles from anatomy with engineering, orthotic devices are used to control or guide an extremity such as a leg or ankle in order to:

  • Assist movement
  • Restrict movement in a given direction
  • Reduce weight-bearing forces for a particular purpose

There’s a big difference between a shoe insert and a custom orthotic device. Your body is a sensitive and dynamic system requiring something other than an 'off the shelf' configuration. Properly fitted orthotics makes movement easier and/or may reduce pain of foot, ankle, or lower extremities.

Physical Therapy Specialists, PC has over 30 years of experience making custom foot orthotics. A combination of education and years of experience translates into more functional custom foot orthotic.

Using the Fastech system, we match the contours of your feet precisely. PTS orthotics are designed for the way you move.

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$250.00 per pair*

*Please note that this service is not covered by medical insurance

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